Wheat and Tares

An article on wheat and gluten and health at ANH prompted my contribution:

I feel the chemical component deserves more clarification here – as the practice of ‘ripening’ wheat and other crops by effectively killing the crop with glyphosate to force ‘ripening’ as a convenience for growers. Stephanie Seneff’s studies look at this.

Our living biology (body/brain) is a symbiosis of positive synergism – but we are becoming aware of negative or life-destructive synergies that are not just co-factors of cummulative effect – but pathways of biochemical action whose effect is greater than the sum of their parts – and cannot truly be understood in terms of parts. Though it can be understood at the level of Idea, as the wish-desire-intent of control or power OVER Life by the subjection or sacrifice of Life to the filtering distortion of the idea OF power OVER – which IS the idea OF separation, opposition and usurping of Life to a disconnected ‘mentality’ presumed to use Life and GET from it – so as to protect and reinforce self in IMAGE or concept – at expense of the Felling of Being – which is not emotional reactivity but the Informational energy of guidance, direction and support of a balanced and integrated RELATIONAL experience. Shared at its root or source – rather than sharing by a collectivisation or combination of fragments.

Even as the explorations of the scientific specialisation of conscious enquiry into the manifest world uncover information that opens new perspectives (that an old paradigm identity works to deny) – it is because the FIELD of our being is operating the inspiration and support for a genuine enquiry – even if alloyed with elements of the divide and rule control mentality.

Working WITH our true Nature is not only working with perceived external processes, but opens to a reintegrative perspective – also known as ‘healing’ unto Life.

But wishfulness of ‘healing’ powers or modalities can operate a distortion on the self-honesty required. perhaps the glyphosate ‘ripening’ is mirroring the destructive synergy of our times – killing or denying our manifest expression of existence – yet operating the Will to Life as the unified intent to SEED Life. IF we don’t wake to a unified appreciation of being – we can propagate fear and division, with alarm as a call to war – or as collapse under an overwhelming sense of powerlessness – instead of a call to Wake to the way of – to the living Field of – inspiration for being the true of ourselves.

Health is not imported – but false idea can be. False idea can be released – allowing true to come in that is then recognized to have always been. The presumption of lack or sickness is not the full and true foundation from which to live – but it can operate the Call to directly or radically get WITH or open TO a true and living foundation – that is not COERCIVE over us – but which seems so when we set ourselves up to fail and can no longer support or maintain a distorted perspective identity. So at a deeper level – even the negative is part of a wholeness – in due place and proportion – such as a pain response to damage.

I look appreciate science that recognizes true feedback both within and ‘without’ and works WITHIN a true service to Life as the joy of true endeavour – rather than a fear or problem defined slave technician serving corporate (collectivised) agenda.

The survival instincts are similarly appropriate as an automatic feedback response of fight or flight – but the lockspin into a fear-based identity triggers this as a pervasive immuno-suppressive urge that then activates in a negative synergy of identifying against and in fear of Life. The idea of anti-life or evil is the fruit of such un-recognized, and protected fear operating out of denials believed as Fact.

The resources available to us for healing are unimaginably beyond the self-definitions we frame our lives within – and feel protected by – and yet we can only work from an acceptance of where we are – as a stepping stone or portal into the more of what we truly are. Fatalistic premature conclusions assert identity against change as if to protect the fragment left and focus exclusively in it as one’s survival.

Thanks for the comment box – and thanks for working as an agent for integrative change at the national and international level.

Wheat and Tares

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