Exploration of the New

Exploration of the new

The above article prompted this response
Language can deceive.
Who is the ‘you’ that is intended here?
The Creative can imprison itself in a false imagining – but cannot cease to be the creative – though it can limit itself to who it has imagined itself to be by struggling within and from self-definition at odds with its own Nature – so as to generate a ‘conditioned’ nature of a masking persona that effectively seeks to ‘control’ the Creative. This can only be experienced as conflict – upon which a narrative identity seeks to impose order or meaning.

Recognizing and releasing what does not work, which is seen not to belong or resonate true must come to the foundations of a false sense of self and abandon attempting to make Life work within such terms – so yielding to an embrace of the New – as a directly presenced quality of willingness for Life – absent the demands of the past.

Into this open space, the movement of being registers in your awareness as the unique resonance to who you are – and felt and recognized directly, wordlessly so. Honour who you are by ceasing to invest in who you are not. Make way for more than you of your self apart can imagine – and the guidance and support of a creative appreciation of this moment cannot but unfold of its own Nature and qualities.

There is never anything but the exploration of the New – but the mind in its loop of a past made in anger re-enacts the vision-story of a self-specialness denied; the betrayal, the attack, the loss of love and power and the fruitless attempts at reparation ending in impotence and isolation in limitation and loss as some discarded and unsupported dream of a life that fades or fixes in empty gesture of reaction to a shadow-world that isnt there.

Matrix mind is a distorting lens. But the mind has a true function when no attempt to distort the channel allows a clear communication through. The creative comes through us and by reflection to us. This is always true – but fear, guilt, blame and hate operate the personae of misidentification.
But FROM this – the true of you can recognize dissonance by which to waken to challenge and question its narrative and your own invested self-belief – which is ALWAYS a current acceptance and never truly stamped upon you by an alien hateful, denying or depriving mind or will.

Yet that IS how we experience ‘externalized reality’ and that IS a reflection of a wish of self-specialness seeking to stamp itself on Life and find validation and support. The Infinite Abundance of being is that being uniquely you does not call for the sacrifice or expense of another in order to live its radiance – to be its joy in unfolding of awareness of being.

The entanglement in victim and perpetrator operates within the wish for personal power – even if organized in collective combination. Power is of the Creative and any other ‘power’ is a ‘miscreative’ imagination that seems to limit or oppose yet can only embody the wish to limit or oppose that which cannot be separated from, defined as, or absent any moment of existence.

There is a way of painting that expresses bright primaries and then covers over with darkness – then to remove certain parts of the dark to reveal an ‘inner realm’ of light – in glimpses or striking contrast whose experience transcends the polarities of its expression.

Heavy definitions of guilted fear and muted rage set out a covering over a core innocence of being that only knows itself whole. What if you – each one reading (and that includes me the scribe) are the Casting Manager of your own reality-experience? Of your own dream-wish? And every part and prop in your dream is drawn from… your imagination! Of course. Nothing EVER leaves the mind of its Creator. But the belief that you can, and have, is hoodwinking the part of the mind that WANTS to focus in such an imagination – AND generate a dissociating and fragmenting device and strategy of persisting through the dissonance and pain that is inherent in trying to be what you are NOT – and casting what you ARE – as Enemy and Threat to be denied at all costs – because you can ONLY play this game in the dark – and so darkness is what you actively call forth to keep the game – but in ways that operate a plausible deniability and a justified attack.

Awakening, in some ways is like the unpeeling of who you have believed and invested yourself to be. But within Context of a transcendent conscious appreciation that cannot be ‘marketized’ or weaponized’ – Prometheus ran off with a copy – a fake. The light is still, and radiating freely – but the idea of grasping for oneself denies the gift. How to pass off a fake light? Guilt and punishment – assigned to the True! So the Promethean promise fragments an illusion of godlike power for the focus in elitism, while the chained and tortured pain is denied such ‘light’ as ‘undeserving, unworthy and denied – or simply as ‘someone has to pay, so you and not me’.

All of it is pain – but in false light. Bringing into awareness rather than withholding from awareness allows recognition and release. But at first may feel hateful, tormenting and intolerable. But here is the opportunity to recognize the active mis-creative self-definition – IN its result. Nowhere else can you release what you don’t want but where you are actively choosing to be live it as true.

Be you healed by the renewing of your mind.

Exploration of the New

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